The EYFS is a play-based framework and sets the standard that all childcare providers must ensure that children learn and develop and are kept healthy and safe. There are seven areas of learning that shape our educational programme - three prime areas and four specific areas. We assess how young children are learning and developing by observing them frequently, based on the seven areas of learning.

Prime Areas

These prime areas are fundamental in a child’s life, and they provide a base from which children can develop in the four specific areas. Our staff focus on working on these prime areas with younger children and, as they develop, begin to incorporate the specific areas.

Outdoor play area
Personal, social and emotional development

Successful PSED is critical for all young children and at Ladybird, we want all of our children to develop a strong self-image and positive self-esteem. We aim to do this by promoting an inclusive ethos, encouraging independence and child-initiated play, recognising the importance of praise, and ensuring all staff are good role models.

convenient nursery

Effective physical development helps children develop a positive sense of well-being. From babies to pre-schoolers, all children at Ladybird are encouraged to be active throughout the day. We provide sufficient space indoors and outdoors to enable children to move from activity to activity safely and with confidence.

and language

We create a language-rich environment for all of our children. Our staff plan bespoke activities which give each child an opportunity to build on their vocabulary, and they ensure effective interactions between children and others. Staff also work closely with parents/carers of children who have English as a second language to put strategies in place to best support their language development.

Specific Areas



Our children explore maths and numbers via a wide range of activities, which encourage them to learn and develop their understanding of counting, shape, space, pattern and measure. Through these activities, children will build upon self-confidence and their ability with numbers.


Understanding the world

Our children are given the chance to look at our world in different ways and are always encouraged to explore the environment around them. Click here to find out more about this.


Expressive arts and design

All children are encouraged to express themselves through a range of creative activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, messy play, art, roleplay and music. Allowing children to explore their natural creativity develops their creative thinking and problem solving skills.