our most Frequently Asked Questions

How will you settle my child into nursery?

How will I find out about how my child’s day was at nursery?

How do I book a place for my child at your nursery?

What are your fees and what do they include?

Do you require a deposit or registration fee?

What funding options are available at Ladybird Nurseries?

Do you have any outdoor space?

Do your nurseries provide fresh meals every day?

Is there a minimum number of attendance days per week and do you offer half days?

Do you open for holidays and bank holidays?

Do we get refunded if our child isn’t at nursery?

Can I change my child’s attendance days?

What if my child is ill at nursery?

How do your nurseries cater for children with food allergies and/or specific dietary requirements?

What qualifications and training do your staff have?

How do you ensure children are ready for school?