Happy Healthy Eating

At Ladybird, our positive approach to healthy food and sociable mealtimes encourages healthy little minds and bodies. The dishes prepared offer a mix of familiar foods and encourage children to explore and experience new textures, sensations and flavours from around the world. Our chefs sometimes also use the herbs and produce grown by the children themselves in the garden. Children are encouraged to self-serve their meals where possible, encouraging them to manage their own needs. Our staff ensure to actively teach the importance of a balanced lifestyle and healthy eating by explaining to the children what they are eating, and by getting them involved in cooking activities.

Meet Our Chefs

​Meet the chefs across our four settings.



​Ainsley is the chef at our Anerley setting.



​Logan is the chef at our Beckenham setting



​Jackie is the chef at our Penge setting.



​Toni is the chef at our Thornsett setting.